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Amber adhesive 4ml FGM

Ambar is a photocurable adhesive system for enamel and dentin, responsible for the bond between tooth structure and restorative materials. Classified as a conventional two-step adhesive, Ambar combines primer and adhesive in a single bottle, and acid etching is required prior to adhesive application. Among the main characteristics of Ambar, we can mention the high immediate and post cycle bond strength (on dentin and enamel), high chemical stability and resistance of the adhesive film generated after light curing, an adequate penetration capacity of the monomers in the collagen fibers of demineralized wet dentin, etc. These and other factors contribute to greater longevity or safety in adhesive work. Ambar is indicated for direct restorations (all classes), ceramic and composite repairs and adhesive cementation (combined use with resin cements).

Quantity 4ml

Amber adhesive 4ml FGM

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