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Quaternary Ammonia 1galon 5th generation


Recommended to carry out a solution according to the following

30ML of disinfectant in 1 liter of water

**EYE! IMPORTANT NOTE: Other manufacturers are offering very dilute Quaternary Ammonium and if the concentration is very low, the quaternary ammonium does not offer us any protection. We offer a concentration of 10,000ppm. With this concentration we ensure your protection. **


Chemical agent used in the process of disinfection of objects, surfaces and environment based on Quaternary Ammonium salts, effective against viruses enveloped in a lipid layer.

1 Gallon Container (3.785 Liters)

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl chloride - ammonium chloride

Active substance content (quaternary ammonium): 1%
Appearance at 20 ° C: clear liquid

It can be combined with the following substances:
- Sodium sulfate
- Sodium carbonate
- Sodium acetate
- Sodium Metasilicate * 9 H2O
- Sodium orthophosphates
- Sodium pyrophosphates
- Sodium tetraborate (borax)
- Hydroxymethyl and methyl cellulose
- urea

* Disinfects and removes all types of viruses, bacteria and fungi instantly. Domo disinfectant is a quaternary ammonium-based disinfectant that has a broad spectrum of elimination of microorganisms such as: viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spores, E. coli, salmonella tiphymurium, staphylococci, streptococci, clostridium sp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, causing bad odors and gastrointestinal diseases.

* Product ready to use. It can be used in sprays to disinfect clothes and shoes.

* It has an important residual effect, that is, it remains active after application, preserving its properties for much longer. Prolonged effect against microorganisms.

* Quaternary Ammonium is non-corrosive, has a high penetrating power and does not release irritating vapors.

* It can be applied on surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings, for disinfection of equipment and utensils, transport vehicles, hand and foot baths, among others.

* Can be combined with glass, floor or surface cleaners.

Quaternary Ammonia 1galon 5th generation

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