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Arteek® Articaine 4% Epinephrine 1: 100,000 Glass

Articaine 4%, epinephrine 1: 100000, is an injectable (parenteral small volume) anesthetic solution for dental use, indicated to produce local anesthesia, applied by infiltration or nerve block techniques. This product must be used by professional personnel, trained for this purpose. Articaine is a local anesthetic, belonging to the group of amides. However, Articaine also has an additional Ester group that is rapidly hydrolyzed.

Articaine causes a reversible blockade of nerve conduction by reducing sodium permeability to the membrane of nerve cells, this reduction decreases the depolarization of the membrane by increasing the threshold necessary for electrical excitability.

The local anesthetic action is exerted through Articaine, stabilizing the membrane of the neuron, by inhibiting the ionic flow required for the initiation and transmission of the nerve impulse.


  • Artheek, 4% articaine with 1: 100,000 epinephrine
  • Box x 50 glass cartridges
  • Most of the metabolites of Articaine have no apparent biological activity.
  • It has better diffusion and penetration through the nerve molecular membrane, due to the increased lipid solubility of the drug, due to the thiophene ring and a higher pka value.
  • Duration of effect 75 minutes (pulp) and 180 minutes up to 240 minutes in soft tissues
  • Average elimination time of 20 minutes.
  • Epinephrine limits the absorption of the anesthetic, prolonging its action, reducing its toxicity and facilitating vasoconstriction.

Arteek® Articaine 4% Epinephrine 1: 100,000 Glass

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