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Cristófoli vitale class 12Lts autoclave

Autoclave for pressure steam sterilization. Equipment manufactured within the strictest quality standards, with a traceability system that complies with the NBR ISO 13485 standard. All the Pressure Vessels of the Cristófoli Autoclaves are registered in accordance with Portaria INMETRO N ° 255 of 05/29/2014. Unlocking is necessary before the first use, thus guaranteeing safety and traceability of the product. Easy drive. Modern design. Digital with LCD display. Automatic bivolt - 127 / 220V that can be used in electrical networks with variations between 95 and 254V. 5 Sterilization Programs: Packed Instruments / Unpacked Instruments / Plastics and Cottons / Surgical Kit and Tissues / Liquids. Automatic deaeration and depressurization. Capacity 12 liters. Control keyboard in blue color. Stainless steel lid and chamber for easy cleaning. Chamber with 2 anodized aluminum trays. Ultra efficient drying with closed door. It has 27 security systems, including a key and door lock, an Electronic Data Crossing System and an Electronic Power Control System. Altitude adjustment system for various regions. 2 years warranty. For more information, see the Instruction Manual.

Cristófoli vitale class 12Lts autoclave

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