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C-Smart Mini Ap Wireless

. Original. Each machine has an anti-counterfeit label on the packing box. Provide an anti-counterfeiting product inquiry.
2. Warranty. 2 years. Within the warranty period, we will be responsible for shipping any damaged replacement parts free of charge to your destination.
3. Delivery. Fast shipping. It will be shipped from COXO company in 1-2 business days and shipped by DHL which usually takes 5-7 business days.

How to ensure the Endo motor is efficient and safe?
You need this mini AP C-Smart, a complete wireless endo motor with apex locator.
With its powerful functions and accurate measurements, you can easily cope with the root canal preparation problem, and make a perfect root canal.
At the same time, get rid of cable restrictions. It can operate in any position and at any angle. Give full play to your understanding of root canal preparation. Prepare the root canal you want in minutes.
Mini AP in hand, worry-free root canal.

Special functions:
Automatic switching mode: the machine does not have mode switching button, the machine's automatic switching mode according to the cable connection situation.
The display shows different colors to represent different states.
Screen magnification of the apical area.

Convenient function:
Small head. The head can be rotated through multiple angles to facilitate multi-angle use.
Contactless charging.
Innovative 360-degree visual dynamic charge indicator lamp.
The switchable display is suitable for left or right hand use.
Automatic torque calibration
Automatic detection of Apex locate function
Adjustable angle and adjustable speed of reciprocating movement.

C-Smart Mini Ap Wireless

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