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Cavitron VRN K08B

An ultrasonic scaler is a device designed for use during dental cleaning and periodontal (gum) therapy to remove calculus deposits from the teeth to prevent periodontitis by applying an ultrasonic vibrating tip to the teeth. Intelligent vibration core technology inside, bring smoother vibration and more comfortable experience. The detachable handpiece can be autoclaved under high temperature and pressure. The handpiece and tips fit other brand names such as EMS. Brand: VRN Model: K08A Automatic Frequency Tracking Function: Scaling, Perio Handpiece: LED plastic detachable handpiece Input voltage: AC100 ~ 240V 47 ~ 63Hz Power: 30VA ~ 48VA Main unit input: DC30V 1.5A Half excursion output: < 2N Tip vibration frequency: 25 ~ 31KHZ Tip vibration excursion: ≤100μm Ultrasonic output power: 3W ~ 20W Water pressure: 0.01MPa ~ 0.05MPa 5 tips: G1 * 2, G2 * 1, G4 * 1, P1 * 1

Cavitron VRN K08B

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