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Dual Cement Allcem FGM 6g

Allcem is a base paste resin cement and catalyst base. The base paste is responsible for the pigmentation of the product and is mixed with the catalyst paste, initiating the chemical curing of the resin cement. It is available in the colors A1, A2, A3 and Trans. The latter has a colorless appearance and high translucency, suitable for the cementation of intra-root posts.
To speed up the curing process, the product can be light cured - promoting double curing. The product has been developed so that the mixture of the pastes in the 1: 1 ratio by weight generates a high adhesive capacity, a high flexural strength and a high degree of conversion in both chemical and double curing.
Allcem has excellent adhesive and mechanical properties and also ease of application due to the double body syringe, which guarantees the extrusion of the product in the correct proportions (1: 1). The automix tips guarantee the homogeneity of the pastes and prevent the incorporation of bubbles in the product.

  • It can be chemically cured and / or light cured, guaranteeing the curing of the product even in the total absence of light. Allcem guarantees the maintenance of the same mechanical properties both in the chemical only cure and in the double one.
  • Optimized rheological properties give the product proper handling and application.
  • High adhesive strength on different surfaces (indirect restorations in composites, ceramics, metalloceramics, metals, fiberglass posts and ceramic or metal endodontic cores).
  • Guaranteed mixing of the pastes without including bubbles with the use of the automix tip.
  • High mechanical properties both in the chemical curing mechanism and in the double curing.
  • Ease of dispensing the product from the double-bodied syringe and guaranteed 1: 1 ratio of base and catalyst pastes.
  • Available in the colors: Trans, A3 (universal), A1 and A2.
  • Wide spectrum of application.
  • The combination White Post, Prosil and Allcem, presents a perfect compatibility, which results in an optimal clinical performance.

Dual Cement Allcem FGM 6g

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