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Duofluorid XII Varnish with Fluor FGM

Duofluorid XII Calcium and sodium fluoride varnish with remineralizing and desensitizing action. Benefits Quick drying: Greater agility in the application. Colorless: Does not compromise aesthetics. Easy application: Speeds up the procedure. Indications • Caries prevention. • Treatment of dental hypersensitivity. • Remineralization of tooth enamel after tooth whitening or micro-abrasion. Clean and properly dry the surfaces to be treated. Shake Duofluorid XII vigorously before use. The product must be perfectly homogenized at the time of application. Put drops of Duofluorid XII on a Cavibrush micro-applicator (FGM) and apply on the surface to be treated. The proper consistency is one in which the varnish passes easily through the dropper. Let the varnish act for 10 to 20 seconds and dry with compressed air. It is recommended not to brush the teeth for 24 hours after application to avoid premature removal of the varnish. For very sensitive necks or marginal edges or similar indications, repeat the same procedure 2 or 3 times within 7 days

Duofluorid XII Varnish with Fluor FGM

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