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Dycal 13g Dentsply

Dycal is indicated for the protection and pulp capping under restorative materials, cements and other materials. It does not inhibit the polymerization of auto or light-polymerization resins and presents a final coloration similar to dentin, which prevents the influence of coloration in the final restorations with composite resins.

Biocompatible It induces the formation of secondary dentin and repair tissue, being able to be used as direct or indirect pulp protection and cavitary base, with excellent levels of absence of post-operative pain.

High resistance to dissolution. High level of pulp protection.

Does not inhibit the use of self-curing and light-curing resins. Allows the use of all aesthetic restorative materials.

It has colors similar to dentin. It does not interfere with the aesthetic results of the restorative materials.

Dycal 13g Dentsply

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