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Etch Porcelain ultradent 1.2g

Ultradent 90-Porcelain Etch is used to engrave porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers, and fractured dental porcelain. Ultradent 60 second silane is used after hydrofluoric acid etching to prepare the surface for bonding the resin. Studies have shown that Silane, when used with Etch Porcelain Etch and a quality bonding resin, produces the highest bond strength to porcelain compared to other porcelain bonding products. Porcelain etching is a buffered 9% viscous hydrofluoric acid Etching is easy to control and place Will not stain composite or resin cement. Silane is a one-component solution. Produces the highest porcelain-to-resin bonding forces1 Porcelain etching and silane can also be used in lithium disilicate restorations (IPS e.max®2)

Etch Porcelain ultradent 1.2g

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