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Express 2 light body standard


Express 2 fluid silicone for taking impressions, has an extraordinary ability to withstand both deformation forces, so it is less likely to suffer tears during removal from the mouth. In addition, due to its great elasticity it has exceptional dimensional stability.

When a mouth impression is extracted, it is subjected to two great forces: elongation and compression. To avoid tearing in the impression, Express 2 fluid silicone is able to withstand both parameters.

Express 2 silicone is indicated for making impressions for crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

Express 2 has different viscosity grades:

Regular Body (high viscosity).

Light Body Standard (medium viscosity).

Light Body Flow (low viscosity).

Ultra Light Body Quick (very low viscosity).


  • Manual mixing.
  • Excellent reproduction of details.
  • Superior flow properties.
  • Removal from the mouth without distortions.
  • Excellent toughness.

Express 2 light body standard

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