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Hydrox-cal x2g Photo-curable Maquira

Hydrox-cal is a light-curing, radiopaque cavity liner with a calcium hydroxide composition. This product is ready to use, saving the professional time and reducing material waste. Allows it to be suitable as a protective coating under restorative materials, cements, and other base materials such as metal opacifiers and reaction dentin. It is a very resistant product to phosphoric acid commonly used in acid etching processes.


- It has the function of a protective lining under the restorative materials.
- Light-curing - saving time for the dentist and less material waste.
- It does not cause color alteration in the restoration, because it does not react like BIG-GMA.
- Ready-to-use material.
- Very resistant to phosphoric acid.
- Adheres to metal surfaces.
- Material of easy handling.
- Radiopaque.
- Does not contain Eugenol.
- Exposure time - 20 Seconds (to light cure).
- Box with 1 Syringe with 2g + 5 Applicators.
- Available in the colors: White

Hydrox-cal x2g Photo-curable Maquira

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