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Ultrapack ultradent retractor wire


  • Threads for tissue retraction of 244 cms.
  • Easy to control and place.
  • Ultrapak yarn is made from 100% cotton and has been woven with thousands of tiny loops to form long interlocking chains.
  • Its excellent design offers considerable advantages: the ends of the thread do not fray.
  • The threads are easy to pack and stay where you want them.
  • The designed fabric gives the yarn a particular absorption capacity; its special material exerts elastic pressure on the gingival ridge and facilitates optimal tissue displacement in the sulcus.
  • The threads are not impregnated. They can be soaked in the liquid of your choice, we recommend using with ViscoStat or Astringedent.
  • Ultrapak yarns are known for: Rapid shrinkage / displacement. Easy to control and to place. Better absorption of hemostatic solutions. Get to know their different presentations.
  • Promotion 2 x the price of 35 dls you can choose the caliber or measure you want

Ultrapack ultradent retractor wire

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