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Glass Ionomer Cementation Maquira

Ionglass C is a self-curing glass ionomer cement indicated for the fixation of crowns, bridges, prosthetic pieces in general and orthodontic bands. By spatulating the powder with the liquid, a fluid paste is formed that is easy to apply and with excellent adhesive resistance on enamel and dentin. Product of optimal biocompatibility and low risk of sensitivity.

Optimal fixation in: Crowns / Bridges / Prosthetic pieces in general.
- Compatible with all metallic alloys and acrylic resins.
- Excellent adhesive resistance on enamel and dentin.
- Radiopaque Product.
- Low solubility.

- Available in the versions:
Kit Packaging: 1 Bottle with powder / 1 Liquid bottle / 1 Powder dispenser / 1 Spatulating block
Liquid Packaging: 1 Bottle with 10g
Powder Packaging: 1 Bottle with 15g

Glass Ionomer Cementation Maquira

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