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Restorative Glass Ionomer Maquira

Ionglass R is a highly resistant, aesthetic, self-curing glass ionomer with adequate viscosity indicated for restorative work. It has excellent biocompatibility and a low risk of postoperative sensitivity. It has an optimal marginal seal in the cavity and inhibits the formation of fissures.
It can be used in the ATR technique (atraumatic restorative treatment), in all kinds of restorations of deciduous teeth, provisional restorations in permanent teeth (classes I, II, III and IV), permanent restoration base, non-carious lesions and cementation provisional of prosthetic pieces. Ionglass R has good adhesion to enamel and dentin, making the creation of retentions unnecessary.


- Indicated for all kinds of restoration (deciduous teeth).
- Temporary cementation of crowns.
- It's a fast-dam cement.
- It has great adhesion to enamel and dentin.
- Optimal consistency for handling.

- Available in the versions:
Kit Packaging: 1 Bottle with A2 powder / 1 Liquid bottle A2 / 1 Powder dispenser / 1 Spatulation block
Liquid packaging: 1 Jar with 8g
Powder packaging: 1 Jar with 10g

Restorative Glass Ionomer Maquira

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