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Jiffy Hishine Diamond

As a dentist, you spend time and effort creating natural-looking composite resin restorations, but all of that work can end up being useless if the composite is not polished properly. The details and nuances achieved with such care can be completely spoiled if you try to use a one-step polisher as a “shortcut” to shape and polish your restorations. The polishers of the Ultradent Jiffy line, used in their correct sequence, provide results that will surprise with their beauty. With them you can easily achieve a finish and polish that demonstrates your expertise and professional excellence.

Jiffy HiShine cups, discs and tips (blue) provide easy access to different types of preparation and are impregnated with diamond powder for the final polishing of the restoration.

  • Excellent for modeling, finishing and polishing.
  • Latex free material.
  • Suitable for autoclaving.

Jiffy Hishine Diamond

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