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Kavo unit unik 4t basic

The KaVo UniK 4T treatment center belongs to a family that cares about comfort and ergonomics. Added to this is the versatility and sophistication of the already traditional KaVo quality.


-Has 8 Movements:

4 individual, 3 synchronized automatics, and zero return

2 arm supporters

Upholstered 100% in pvc and without seams

Backrest and seat move ergonomically to the body

Bi-articulated headrest.

Work table

3 handpieces and 1 triple syringe

External air and water adjustment for instruments

Pneumatic height adjustment

Stainless steel tray

X-ray viewer for up to 4 or 6 periapicable radiographs.

Auxiliary Unit

Includes surgical and saliva ejector.

Removable and autoclavable porcelain spittoon

Smooth hoses for easy cleaning

Waste separator located in the ejector hoses, facilitating cleaning

cup filling for patient rinsing

Reflector Closed

Ergonomic double handle for doctor and assistant

Generates cold light (Neutral White Color)

3 light intensity modes (Ranges from 22,000 to 6,000 LUX)

Automatic turning on and off of the reflector, synchronized with the automatic movement of the chair

Command Pedal

It integrates in a single mobile pedal the functions of the chair, reflector, instrument rotation control, and activation of the water pressure on the Joystick.

Mobile pedal, adherent to the floor, made of resistant material and easy to clean.

Kavo unit unik 4t basic

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