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K16 Oval Orthodontic Kit

Special k16 orthodontic kit for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, offers the patient all the necessary tools to take proper care of their orthodontic appliances.

  1. Special toothbrush for orthodontic appliances with a V in the middle for greater cleaning and less wear on the bristles.
  2. Conical interdental brush, small size and convenient to transport.
  3. box of 5 bars of orthodontic wax which helps to avoid injuries and irritation in soft parts of the mouth
  4. Long dual function interdental handle. with interchangeable spare parts
  5. Conical and cylindrical interdental replacement
  6. Threader for dental floss
  7. These elements come in a comfortable and practical rubber or plastic box that offers a minimalist design, it also fulfills the function of hygienically protecting its contents to be transported.
  8. All products are made with high quality materials and complying with ISO standards in their manufacture.

K16 Oval Orthodontic Kit

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