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Light curing lamp 1 second

Description: 1.Super 10W high power LED bulb. 2 .360 ° rotating light source, 90 ° right angle illumination. 3.The 3mm resin can be cured under strong light for 1 second, and the light intensity is more than 2000mw / cm2 4.The outer shell is made of environmentally friendly plastic material, which is beautiful and practical. 5.Strong light, pulse, selection of three working modes with fading, 1 ~ 40 seconds of working time. Parameters: Packing specification: 10.25 * 6.5 * 2.56in Net Weight: 26.1 oz Gross Weight: 28.2 oz Input Voltage: 110v-220VAC, 50-60HZ Output Voltage: DC5V Battery: Lithium-ion Battery Battery Capacity: 2200mah Battery voltage: 3.7V Suitable temperature: 5 ° ~ 50 ° C Relative humidity: ≤80% Solidification time and depth: 1s / 3mm Light wavelength: 420-480nm Light intensity: 1200-2500mw / cm2 Package included: Subject * 1 Power adapter * 1 Charging base * 1 Instruction manual

Light curing lamp 1 second

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