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Protaiper Next Rotary File

The ProTaper Next rotary system is a convergence of the most proven and successful generational designs of the past, along with the latest advancements in technology. Together, the M-Wire NiTi material and the patented off-center rectangular cross section deliver numerous benefits. even for complex channel shaping.

ProTaper Next ™ will address almost all root canals, even complex ones with its reinforced NiTi M-wire and patented off-center rectangular cross section. This gives the files a unique swaggering motion, similar to a snake. Enhanced action creates expanded clearance for debris removal, optimizes channel tracking, and reduces bonding. Matching paper tips, gutta-percha tips, and GuttaCore obturators complete this innovative system.

  • Improved file flexibility
  • Decreased risk of file separation
  • A shorter clinical sequence vs. ProTaper GOLD / Universal
  • Better respect for the original root anatomy
  • Contains 3 files in pre-sterilized blisters

Protaiper Next Rotary File

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