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Micromotor + Contra angle NSK Pink EX200 Set

EX-6B Slow Speed Straight Handpiece Model: 2. For HP Burs. CLean head system. The spray nozzle can be used. 3. Disposable prophy heads can be attached. Max. speed 40,000 / min. Lower noise and vibration have ensured that the cutter runs out of less than 0.02mm. 4. The Clean Head system is integrated into the straight handpiece. 5. The life of ball bearings is prolonged as contaminants never enter the handpiece. 6. The ergonomic triangular grip provides a comfortable and relaxing hold for long clinical procedures. Against Angle NAC-EC: 1. 1: 1 Direct Drive. For CA cutters Type of closure. Max. speed 30,000 / min. 2. The Contra angle works perfectly with a common handpiece handle, offering convenience and flexibility to meet the diversified needs of each physician. The heads and the tang are autoclavable with up to 135 c. Highly durable. Air Motor EX-203C B2: 1. Borden 2 holes. 2. Maximum speed 22,000 / min. 3. ISO E-type Internal / external water spray. 1: 1 Direct Drive. 4. Air mortars are highly durable and fully autoclavable at 135 c max. 5. Connects directly to all types of ISO E-type low speed handpieces.

Micromotor + Contra angle NSK Pink EX200 Set

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