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Navitip ultradent irrigation endodocia unit

NaviTip tips are the most sophisticated application cannulas for use in dentistry. They are stiff enough to avoid bending, yet soft and flexible to navigate through curved conduits. They feature a rounded end for a smooth insertion and an angled neck for better visibility. NaviTip tips are available in two diameters: 0.30mm for liquids and gels and 0.33mm for more viscous materials such as EndoREZ and UltraCal XS.

  • Sophisticated cannula technology: optimized shape, material and dimensions.
  • Controlled application to the apex.
  • Versatile product: it can be used with solutions, gels or pastes.

NaviTip 29 ga / Ø 0.33 mm : For the application of pasty materials, such as UltraCal XS and EndoREZ.

bottle x 20 units

Navitip ultradent irrigation endodocia unit

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