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Odontocaine 3% Mepivacaine without Epinephrine Glass

Odontocaine® 3%, Mepivacaine 3% without Epinephrine, is a small-volume injectable solution for dental use, which blocks nerve conduction in a reversible and temporary way, when applied in adequate concentrations. It is indicated to produce local anesthesia, applied by infiltration or nerve block techniques.

This product must be used by professional personnel, trained for this purpose.


  • 3% mepivacaine
  • Box x 50 glass cases
  • Local anesthetic that has intermediate action with pharmacological properties similar to lidocaine.
  • It does not have epinephrine.
  • Stabilizes the neuronal membrane and prevents the initiation and transmission of ionic impulses.
  • It does not have vasodilator action in local infiltration.
  • Indicated for short procedures (30-40 minutes) and for patients where vasocontrictor cannot be used.
  • In pulp anesthesia it lasts between 20-40 minutes.
  • Indicated for patients with a history of allergies and asthmatics.

Odontocaine 3% Mepivacaine without Epinephrine Glass

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