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Opaldam green x 1.5 syringe

OpalDam is a methacrylate-based material designed to isolate tissue adjacent to teeth to be bleached. If you intend to bleach a single tooth, OpalDam should be used to protect the adjacent teeth. OpalDam is light-curing and has the ability to reflect light to keep tissues insulated from heat. It is sufficient to light cure only about 10-20 seconds per tooth. Thoroughly dry the gums before applying OpalDam.

OpalDam is available in two colors: bright white and bright green. OpalDam Green offers a much greater contrast to the gums and teeth. It is included in the Opalescence Boost kits.

Similarly, OpalDam is used to protect hard and soft tissues when applying techniques such as sandblasting or etching with strong acids (eg porcelain repair techniques), as well as to seal or set a rubber dam.

  • Protects soft tissue with a reliable seal.
  • Direct application.
  • Simple extraction.

Opaldam green x 1.5 syringe

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