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Opalescence quick x 1.5 gr syringe

Opalescence Quick combines some characteristics of ambulatory teeth whitening and dental practice. With a quick application of the high concentration formula, you can deliver a fully supervised clinical treatment with the simplicity typical of cuvette administration. His patients are supervised in the waiting room for just half an hour, while they comfortably whiten their teeth. As a general rule, the final results are obtained after 3 or 4 sessions; you can also apply Opalescence Quick as an initial whitening treatment or for touch-ups.

  • 45% carbamide peroxide, applied in a bucket for fast results.
  • It requires supervised application in the clinic, but without the need to occupy the dental chair.
  • Patented PF formula to strengthen enamel, decrease sensitivity and prevent cavities.
  • syringe x 1.5 gr

Opalescence quick x 1.5 gr syringe

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