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Orthocem + condac 37

Orthocem presents a photoactivated curing, which allows the professional a total control of the bonding of the bracket and the immediate installation of the orthodontic arch. A great advantage in the clinical field is the one-component presentation of the product. The primer is already incorporated into the adhesive in the same syringe, reducing a clinical step and consequently facilitating and speeding up the procedure. Thus, only the acid etching of the enamel, washing and drying and the subsequent application of the product in the bracket is necessary for cementation. Orthocem presents balanced adhesive strength, developed to be sufficient to resist the mechanical need for orthodontic treatment, although not excessively adhesive to make it difficult to remove at the end of the treatment. In addition, its viscosity allows easy placement of brackets and its ability to resist color variation over time generates significant aesthetic benefit.

Orthocem + condac 37

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