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Filtek z350xt flowable resin 2g sheath x 2

Filtek® Flow Z350 XT is a flowable restorative material whose improved aesthetics is due to the exclusive nano-filler technology of 3M ESPE®.

  • "Flow on demand" handling, that is, it flows under pressure but retains its shape and remains in place until photopolymerized. It does not collapse or drain.
  • Excellent aesthetic properties, including better gloss retention than other popular flowable resins on the market.
  • Better wear resistance in in vitro tests than that exhibited by other leading flowable resins and similar to that exhibited by some traditional micro hybrid resins.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Its excellent resistance to wear makes it ideal for a wide variety of indications: cavity base, pit and fissure sealant and for Class III and V restorations.
  • Ideal for Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)

Filtek z350xt flowable resin 2g sheath x 2

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