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Fluid Resin 2g Maquira

APPLIC FLOW is a product indicated for the restoration of minimally invasive preparations; fissure and fissure sealing; lined in direct restorations; class III and V restorations; tunnel type preparation; repair of enamel defects; restoration in deciduous teeth; bonding of dental fragments; composite resin repair; sealing of non-carious cervical lesions; planning the porcelain facet preparation and cementation walls.

It is made up of a microhybrid and aesthetic composite. Its formula is based on modern concepts where the use of methacrylic monomers, silanes and fillers with adequate particle size distribution is combined to provide a product with satisfactory physical, mechanical and optical properties for the professional.

- Used in class III and V restorations;
- Fissure and fissure sealer;
- Base / lining under restorations and cavities;
- Composite resin repair (marginal defects of restorations);
- Repair of enamel defects and restorations of deciduous teeth;
- Bonding of dental fragments.
- Presents high fluidity, facilitating access in small cavities;
- It does not run off the place where it was applied;
- High mechanical resistance;
- Composite Resin;
- Radiopaque;
- Easy to manipulate;
- High brightness POWER;
- Color stability and durability;
- Available in colors: A1 / A2 / A3 /

- Quantity 2g 3 tips

Fluid Resin 2g Maquira

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