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Solare P 4g Posterior Resin

With SOLARE you can forget about all commitments. Direct restorative, created for modern dentistry, that meets all the needs of both the patient and the dentist, resulting in natural-looking restorations with only one shade in most cases. With SOLARE RESIN , the anterior shades are easy to apply and the posterior shades offer strength and body.

Easy handling - not sticky.

SOLARE has a high fracture toughness. With SOLARE any restoration will result in a confident smile.

Micro-filled hybrid resin with a posterior Udma matrix with Fas (aluminum silicate glass).

Characteristics: Udma matrix with the lowest radiopacity polymerization shrinkage, with inorganic silica filler and pre-polymerized particles.

Excellent Aesthetics
Easy Handling - Not Sticky
Ease of Polishing
Simple Color System
Strong and Flexible
Wear resistant
Presentation: Syringe x 4gr

Solare P 4g Posterior Resin

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