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Septanest adrenaline 1 / 100.00

Injectable solution, dental local anesthesia


ADRENALINE in the form of epinephrine tartrate 0.018 Mg

Excipients: Sodium Chloride 2,720 Mg, Sodium Bisulfite 0.850 Mg, Sodium Edetate 0.425

Use in adults and children from 4 years.

particularly appropriate for longer procedures and when there is a significant risk of bleeding in the operative field.

Anesthesia is installed 1 to 2 minutes. The duration of anesthesia that allows the surgical act (pulp) is about 90 minutes and its soft tissue anesthesia is 4 to 5 hours.

It diffuses at the bone level, this allows a favorable palatal anesthesia in children, when injecting in the vestibular, the palatal is easily reached.

It is recommended preferably for periodontics, endodontics, surgery, patients difficult to anesthetize.

Without methylparaben, formulation to avoid allergic reactions in sensitive patients.

Septanest adrenaline 1 / 100.00

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