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Silane 1.2g Ultradent

Silane is a one-component solution.

Use Porcelain Etch for etching porcelain or old macro-filled composite restorations prior to intraoral bonding and repair.

Use when engraving of indirect porcelain restorations is required prior to insertion. The highest adhesion values are achieved when etching with hydrofluoric acid is followed by the application of Silane.

Studies have shown that Silane, in combination with Porcelain Etch and PQ1 or PermaQuick Bonding Resin, offers the highest bond strength compared to other porcelain bonding products.

  • Hydrofluoric acid gel approved for intraoral use.
  • Easy to control and to apply.
  • It does not stain the composite or the fixing resin.
  • One-component silane.

Silane 1.2g Ultradent

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