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3M Light Addition Silicone

Vinyl polysiloxane based impression material


Express impression material based on vinyl polysiloxane is presented in a manual mixing system in 2 consistencies; putty in combination with light material (wash). While 3M Express Putty is easy to mix, the lightweight Express material, which is thixotropic, stays on top of the preparation without squeezing out.


  • Express Heavy Material / Putty was designed to be used as a tray / tray material in the impression technique.
  • The lightweight vinyl polysiloxane based impression material exhibits excellent flow properties, thixotropic properties, high hydrophilicity and exact reproduction of

details. The design of the mixing tips allows precise access to the areas of greatest demand for detail, thanks to its intraoral tip.

  • Putty Express material is designed to achieve a mix where both parts are completely joined with no individual residue.
  • Lightweight material is precisely and automatically mixed through the Garant Gun.
  • High accuracy of details.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Excellent elastic recovery.
  • No taste or smell.
  • Thixotropic.
  • Excellent tear resistance.
  • It allows obtaining more than one plaster model, from a single impression.
  • It can be used in both simultaneous and two-step impression techniques.
  • The lightweight material cartridge has a dual port that minimizes the risk of contamination.

Indications of use

Crown and bridge impressions

Inlay and onlay impressions

3M Light Addition Silicone

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