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Top Dam Barrier gengival FGM

Top dam is the leading gingival barrier on the market for having excellent sealing power, which provides ease of removal and does not irritate gingival tissues.

  • Adequate viscosity and thixotropy to allow easy and perfect coverage of soft tissues, without draining to undesirable regions.
  • Excellent sealing power.
  • Minimal and perfect adhesion on the gum.
  • It does not release from the gum unless it is forced. It comes out whole when you remove it.
  • It does not irritate the gingival tissues.
  • Variety of colors that allow its differentiation from the rubber dam when used as an auxiliary in the sealing of absolute insulation.
  • 1 syringe with 2g
    • 3 application tips
    • Available in the colors: blue and green.

Top Dam Barrier gengival FGM

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