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Ultracal xs ultradent 1.8 gr syringe

30% and 35% calcium hydroxide paste

UltraCal XS is a 35% calcium hydroxide paste in an aqueous solution for temporary filling in root canals. Calcium hydroxide has an intense antibacterial effect due to its high pH level and stimulates the formation of secondary dentin. It can be completely and easily removed from the canal using Citric Acid 20% solution and NaviTip FX.

(Note: As a permanent base material, we recommend Ultra-Blend plus).

  • The only calcium hydroxide that flows through the fine NaviTip.
  • Precisely applied where it's needed - right at the apex!
  • High pH of 12.5.
  • Radiopaque.
  • syringe x 1.8 gr

Ultracal xs ultradent 1.8 gr syringe

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