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Ultrasound Wash 4820

Ultrasonic Washing Machine that, combined with the enzymatic detergent, enables efficient cleaning of clinical instruments and / or other areas of activity such as aesthetics, chiropody and tattoo / body-piercing studies. It works mainly in areas that are difficult to access or inaccessible to the bristles of the brushes.

It has 5 cleaning cycles with a heating option;

Reduces water consumption and cleaning time;

Cabinet produced in injected ABS plastic;

It provides the professional (operator) with more safety by minimizing the handling of contaminated material, it also reduces the risk of accidents with piercing-cutting materials and prevents cross contamination;

Model: 4820

Name: Ultrasonic Cleaner

Frequency: 40 khz

Power: 70w

Volume: 2500ml

Tank Size: 250x223x80mm

Ultrasound Wash 4820

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