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Uveneer ultradent

Uveneer by Ultradent are molds designed to create beautiful veneers that perfectly mimic dental anatomy for high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations.

Its unique system is minimally invasive and its results are both reproducible and predictable.

Its use is versatile, it can be used for direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry, all in a single consultation, it saves time and is recommended for people suffering from odontophobia. It is also used in Class III, IV and V restorations, for provisionals during the creation of a porcelain veneer, selection of shades or as a model for aesthetic tests.

Uvenner is effective with any type of composite. And only one shade is needed as the anatomical details of the model provide an immediate aesthetic result. The excess composite is easily removable.

Made of medical grade plastic, it has a non-stick coating. In addition, Uveneer by Ultradent facilitates placement on single or multiple teeth. Easy to clean with an alcohol pad and is both reusable and autoclavable.


  • Avoid oxygen inhibition layer during photopolymerization, resulting in a hard and shiny surface.
  • Allows light to pass through the mold into the composite for effective polymerization.

The Ultradent Uveneer Kit contains: 32 molds.


  • Veneer molds.
  • They mimic dental anatomy perfectly.
  • High quality and natural look.
  • Minimally invasive with both reproducible and predictable results.
  • Versatile.
  • Indicated for direct composite veneers, all in a single consultation.
  • Saves time, recommended for people with odontophobia.
  • For Class III, IV and V restorations, for provisionals, etc.
  • Effective with any type of composite.
  • You only need one tone.
  • Made of medical grade plastic with non-stick coating.
  • Easy to clean with an alcohol swab and is both reusable and autoclavable.
  • 32 units.

Uveneer ultradent

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