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Vaccum jintai


• Compact design, space saving.
• Portable unit with powerful suction and high performance.
• Automatic vacuum activation.
• Powerful, high-performance vacuum pump.
• The new motor strategically placed under the perforated plate creates a direct downward suction, ensuring maximum precision.
• Durable designs! Withstands years of rigorous use.

Technical data:
● Voltage: 220V / 50Hz ± 10% 110V / 60Hz ± 10%
● Power: 1000W
● Dimensions: 25 x 21 x 30cm
● Weight: 6Kg

Matrix for composite resin;
Temporary bridges
Bracket fixation;
Mold for fluoridation;
Surgical guide;
Bite plate (bruxism);
Individual molds;
Molds for home whitening;
Packaging of study models (archive).

Vaccum jintai

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