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Vitrebond 3m glass ionomer

Photopolymerizable Vitrebond® combines the convenience of photopolymerization with a true low solubility resin modified glass ionomer.

Fluorine releaser and high adhesive force.

  • Its fast technique, thanks to the fact that it is photopolymerizable, and its excellent handling characteristics that allow quick and easy placement.
  • It forms a strong adhesion to the dentin, sealing the tooth to reduce the incidence of micro-leaks, thus helping to reduce post-operative sensitivity.
  • Produces zones of inhibition against bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity.
  • Continuous release of fluoride to protect the tooth, even long after the restoration has been completed.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to 3M ESPE® line dental adhesive systems, whether applied with composite or amalgam resins.
  • Radiopaque that allows easy diagnosis.
  • It does not need pre-treatment of the dentin.

Vitrebond 3m glass ionomer

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