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Wane one gold dentsply

25mm WaveOne Gold NiTi Files

WaveOne® by Dentsply Maillefer, provides new standards in endodontic treatments, providing greater speed and simplicity to the shaping of root canals , through the use of a single file for rotary reciprocating motion made of NiTi alloy, complete canal instrumentation is achieved most of the cases.

Each file is individually packaged and pre-sterilized to always have the instrument in perfect sharpening conditions, to avoid breakage or cross contamination.

Wave One file characteristics:

  • WaveOne® works with reciprocal rotational movement, the alternating rotation means that it continuously changes the direction of rotation during the shaping of the ducts.
  • A wide angle of rotation in the cutting direction provides high efficiency, while a smaller angle in the opposite direction allows the WaveOne® file to safely progress through the canal, respecting the canal anatomy.
  • Optimized angles also reduce the risk of snapping and breaking the file.
  • The alternate turning technique allows the shaping of most canals using only a WaveOne® Nickel Titanium File.
  • No time is wasted changing NiTi instruments during canal confomination and total shaping time is reduced by up to 40% compared to the traditional continuous rotation technique, while providing high quality treatments.
  • Dentsply Maillefe r recommends the use of a single file for each patient as a new standard of treatment, featuring NiTi WaveOne® Reciprocating Files exclusively in pre-sterilized packages and with a non-autoclavable handle.
    • Simplicity - No need for processing and organizing NiTi WaveOne® files
    • There is no risk of cross contamination - NiTi WaveOne® files are not reused.
    • Optimal cutting efficiency - A new instrument is used with each patient.
    • Better control of file fracture - cyclic fatigue is minimized.
  • WaveOne® system is available in 4 standardized sizes :
    • Small in Yellow with ISO 020 and taper of .07
    • Primary   in Red color with ISO 025 and taper of .07
    • Medium   in Green with ISO 035 and taper of .06
    • Large in White with ISO 045 and .05 taper

Wane one gold dentsply

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